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cruising guide to vanuatuPlan the Ideal Cruise To Vanuatu

Your cruise to Vanuatu is a big investment in time, effort and money. If you want to come home feeling it was truly worth it, you need inside information on where to go, how to get there and what to do in Vanuatu.

You have a great yacht and set sail for Vanuatu with a mixture of expectation and concern. You know that your time cruising in Vanuatu will be limited and you want to have the most fun and visit the best places . After all the time, effort and money spent you really do want to come home feeling like it was truly worth it.

If you want to come home satisfied with your cruise you need to know as much as possible before you leave - not only about your yacht and your crew, but also about anchoring, weather, health dangers, routes, and safe anchorage; the sort of information you will have once you have already been there.

The Cruising Guide to Vanuatu is an interactive program for Windows and Macintosh computers. It works perfectly on Windows Tablets and will work on Android and Ipads using the Splashtop app.

The guide is an encyclopedia of knowledge about cruising in Vanuatu. Get it well in advance and by the time you set sail you'll feel as if you have already been there and you will know exactly where you want to go and what you want to do.

Have a look at what's on the Cruising Guide.

Some cruisers think a paper cruising guide is best and we have often been asked if we could supply this guide in book form. Well, it would be about 1200 pages long and with the hundreds of color images of Vanuatu the printing costs and shipping costs would be prohibitive. Once you actually try this guide you will never want to use a paper guide again. Most captains these days realize the benefits of using electronics - like GPS instead of a sextant, plotters instead of drawing lines on charts, and depth sounders instead of lead lines. No paper guide can come even close to the ease of use and depth of information on our guide.

sailing to vanuatuSafe Passages to Vanuatu

Blue Water passages to and from Vanuatu can be fun or a total disaster.
The Cruising Guide to Vanuatu will show you how to have safe, easy passages to Vanuatu from anywhere in the Pacific.

The Cruising Guide to Vanuatu covers each route to and from Vanuatu with tips on the best months to make the passages and how to pick a weather window so you'll have a pleasant sail.

Here are a few tips on making passages to Vanuatu

The Cruising Guide to Vanuatu also gives you full information about ports of entry, customs, immigration and quarantine.

IMPORTANT: In May of 2014 there were major changes to the Customs requirements!

Here is the new information on yacht clearance in Vanuatu

Order the Cruising Guide to Vanuatu and the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia

If you are in New Caledonia you can purchase your Cruising Guide to Vanuatu at Yacht Agent Noumea Ocean at Marina Port du Sud

health in VanuatuSafe, Happy Cruising in Vanuatu

The last thing you want to experience is getting sick or injured while cruising Vanuatu. The Rocket cruising guide you will give you critical information on how to stay healthy and happy while cruising.

The Cruising Guide to Vanuatu has a very important section on how to behave when visiting the rural islands of Vanuatu. The true objective of cruising Vanuatu is to experience the fascinating Melanesian culture. If you want this to be a happy, rewarding time in your life you need these critical pointers.

The cruising guide also has a section on how to stay healthy while cruising in these waters. If this saves you, or a member of your crew, from injury or illness, if it saves you one trip to the hospital, if it saves you one day at the doctor's office you will have saved the cost of the guide many times over.

The Cruising Guide to Vanuatu will give you the answers to these questions:

  • Is Malaria still a serious problem?.
  • What kinds of local foods are the best and how should they be prepared?
  • Are some local foods dangerous to eat?
  • Are sharks a problem? Which areas are known to have had shark attacks? How can you prevent being attacked?
  • What should I do in a medical emergency?
  • Where will I have mobile phone coverage in Vanuatu?

And hundreds of other questions that you might not even think of asking before it's too late to benefit from the answer.

Here's a taste of what you need to know.

The guide has a special section on anchoring in coral environments, and warnings in particular anchorages. If you don't have the guide you could easily find your boat dragging it's anchor in the middle of the night. Think how valuable this kind of warning is to your happiness and to your budget.

Here is some information about anchoring

And of course you will see - clearly - exactly what each of the 140 anchorages looks like from a birds-eye view with high resolution survey quality aerial images. You'll see:

  • depth contours
  • hazards
  • coral heads and coral reefs
  • the best places to drop the anchor
  • protection from winds and waves
  • navigational markers and lights
  • beaches
  • passes
  • moorings
  • dinghy landings

Learn more about the Cruising Guide to Vanuatu

port vila harbourVirtual Vanuatu Cruise

Enjoy our amazing virtual interactive guide to Vanuatu.

when you do your real cruise it will be like you are returning to your favorite anchorages and dive spots.

The Cruising Guide to Vanuatu has photo charts of 170 anchorages and photo charts of every Vanuatu island plus GPS routes showing how to get from one anchorage to another. Using our guide, with the amazing amount of information and photos of Vanuatu we have produced, you can plan your own cruises in advance or day by day.

Check out some screen shots of how this looks on the nautical guide .

There is no doubt that when you visit Vanuatu you will, indeed, find a very special and magical array of volcanic islands.

Freddy and I have cruised the south Pacific for 40 years aboard the Moira. We have always liked cruising Vanuatu and were residents there for 8 years.

Here are some reasons to cruise Vanuatu

Vanuatu mAGICYachts love Vanuatu

"Vanuatu has been the highlight of our cruising in the South Pacific."
Discover why Cruising yachts from every country adore Vanuatu and be sure you don't miss every opportunity to enjoy your cruise.

If you are on a voyage of discovery and want to experience one the most ancient living cultures on Earth, you will find it in Vanuatu.

If you plan to cruise in Vanuatu you really must have the Nautical Rocket Guide to Vanuatu. Based on satellite and aerial photography, it is one the most advanced cruising guides in the world - equaled only by our Nautical Rocket Guide to New Caledonia.

Our earliest beta edition was the Tusker Cruising Guide to Vanuatu. It is quite famous. If you have one of these outdated beta copies do yourself and your yacht a big favor and update to the latest guide. You are spending a lot of time, effort and money to get to Vanuatu, this new, improved guide will make your investment a much more rewarding experience.

The Cruising Guide to Vanuatu comes with a companion Travel Guide to Vanuatu program to give you complete information on diving, tours, things to do, culture, restaurants, rental cars and much more - the perfect companion to the nautical guide.

Take a Virtual Cruise to the New Caledonia Lagoon.

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