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The Waterfront Bar & Grill

The Waterfront Bar and Grill is the focus of cruising yacht activities in Port Vila, and one of Port Vila's most popular places to dine, dance and enjoy live entertainment.

The Waterfront Bar and Grill is part of the Yachting World complex which includes the fuel wharf, the sea wall marina, moorings and the Connect Cafe for Internet access.

Tie your dingy up on the Waterfront/Yachting World dingy wharf and it will be happy and safe while you are out shopping or wandering around Port Vila. The Waterfront also provides showers and toilets for visiting yachts. When I asked how much this costs, the manager of Yachting World said that they trusted the people to make a donation to the staff (who clean the facilities). The suggested donation is 100 vatu per day per person but you can give more if you appreciate this service.

You can also leave your garbage in their garbage containers at no charge. They appreciate it when you manage to get it INTO the containers rather than next to the containers. They also appreciate it, as does everyone else who lives around and swims in the harbor, if you get your galley scraps, empty cans, and other garbage into garbage bins ashore and not into the water.

Providing amenities such as access, garbage, toilets and showers is a wonderful gift to the yachting community of Port Vila but The Waterfront Bar and Grill hospitality goes way beyond that.

They organize superior BBQ's, ladies luncheons, and specials at ridiculously low prices for cruising yachts. And they give yachties discounts on drinks, organize yachting activities, post yachting and weather news, and see to it that the lunches and dinners and parties are great fun for young and old. Be sure to check on a day by day basis for specials and activities.

There is a constant supply of very fresh fish for the restaurant. Meals are excellent, and there is live entertainment every evening with dancing till late. The atmosphere just can't be beat anywhere, and all this just a pace away from the Yachting World sea wall marina or from the dinghy wharf.

The Yachting World / Waterfront staff are truly welcoming and charming hosts for people, like you, who seek adventure and pleasure from the cruising life.


Contacting the Waterfront Bar and Grill

For more about the Waterfront Bar and Grill, click here.

Make your reservations by calling on VHF Channel 16 or Phone 23490


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